Black Political Caucus of Mecklenburg County
Equality NC
John S. Leary Bar Association of Black Attorneys
The Charlotte Observer
New South Progressives

Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO)

“His comprehensive legal background and commitment to serving North Carolinians will allow him to excel as District Attorney.”
- Governor Roy Cooper

“(Spencer’s) perspective will offer not only the prospect of new sensitivity, but the prospect of genuine change… With meaningful change, the system has a chance to regain lost credibility.”
- Civil Rights Attorney James Ferguson

“Spencer has shown during his career as a prosecutor that he will be an excellent District Attorney. His experience, judgment, skills and work ethic will serve us all well. He will be a firm but fair advocate for the people of Mecklenburg County.”
 - Attorney Tony Lathrop

“Spencer represents a steadying hand at the helm of the district attorney’s office.  His pragmatism when faced with a challenge allows for just results. We need someone who rises above politics and agendas to focus on prosecuting the right people. Spencer has no problem telling public interest groups, lobbyists and influential people that he makes decisions that are based on the facts of the case and seeks results that are beneficial to all of the citizens of Mecklenburg County – and not just the ones who shout the loudest.”
- Attorney Brian Cromwell

"Spencer has dedicated his career to serving the citizens of Mecklenburg County and taking every step to make it safer.  He also realizes that this cannot be fully accomplished without the help of the greater community.  We must keep Spencer Merriweather as our District Attorney."
- Attorney Michael Greene

Elected Officials
(Past & Present)

Hon. Kelly Alexander Jr.
Hon. Martha B. Alexander
Hon. Bishop George E. Battle Jr.
Hon. J. Gentry Caudill
Hon. Harold Cogdell, Jr.
Hon. Elyse Dashew
Hon. George Dunlap
Hon. Larken Egleston
Hon. Julie Eiselt
Hon. Shirley Fulton
Hon. Harvey Gantt
Hon. Peter Gilchrist
Hon. Malcolm Graham
Hon. Justin Harlow
Hon. Carlenia Ivory
Hon. Libby Kelligrew
Hon. Vilma Leake
Hon. Ron Leeper
Mayor Vi Lyles
Hon. Cyndee Patterson
Hon. Betty Chafin Rash
Hon. Wilhelmenia I. Rembert
Hon. Thurman Ross
Mayor Zeb Smathers
Hon. Sarah Stevenson
Hon. Amelia Stinson-Wesley
Hon. T. Michael Todd
Hon. F. Lane Williamson
Hon. Braxton Winston II
Hon. Lynn Wheeler
Hon. Louise Woods

Supporters &
Community Leaders

Nick Adams
Kim Alix
Matt Avery
Jim Babb
Eric Banks
Denise Bridges
Toria Burch
Isaac Chapple
Amy Chiou
Mike Clement
Sandra Clory
Brent Cohen
Joie Cook
Bea Cote
Christina Cougill
John Crowell
Megan Crunkleton
Cassee Cunningham
Tera Curtis
Nabarun Dasgupta
Barbara Dellinger
Marla Drucker
Olma Echeverri
Kimberly Edmonds
Steve English
Stephanie Escobar
Melba Evans
Michael Evans
Levester Flowers
Stephanie Fogel
Barbara Gaddy
David  Glover
Dr. Betty Howell Gray
Felicia & Herb Gray
Anthony Greene
Anthony Grier
Talece Y.  Hunter
Angela Walters Jankowsky
Jessica Jishart
Mary Foxx Johnson
Sis Kaplan
Thom Kay
Justin Kessler
Mary Latrick
Kamaria E. Lawrence
Carol Lawrence
Tina Gillespie La Borde
Vivian Lord
Col. Robert MacPherson, USMC
John McCarter
Hugh McColl
Heather J. Mckee
MaLeisha Medlin
Bev Merritt
Terri Moore
Matt Nadolny
Barney Offerman
Tom Orth
Hadley Owen
Christine Pearson
Joyce Peniston
Blanche Penn
Justin Perry
Kevin Poirier
Deborah Pope
Ronald Potts
John Powell
Kristie Puckett
Barbara Ratliff
Lisa Saxon
Debra Self
Rob Smith
Tracy  Smith
Sam Spencer
Chrystal Vaden
Luke Volkmar
Jackie Edwards Walton
Rick Wheelahan
Will Whitley
Jeffrey Widmer


T. Jonathan Adams
Christopher Adkins
Jodi & John Anderson
Carmen Bannon
Andrew Bernardini
Martin L. Brackett Jr.
Christian Cherry
Daniel (Jongwoo) Chung
M. Cabell Clay
Chris Clark
Ellie E. Coludro
Robert K. Corbett III
Robert Cordle
Eric Cottrell
Brian S. Cromwell
Heather Culp
George Daly
Anna Davis
Deborah Dilman
Kristen Dormsjo
Judith Emken
Frank E. Emory Jr.
James Exum
James E. Ferguson II
Chris Fialko
Anthony Fox
James Galvin
Sheena Gatehouse
Marc Gentile
Marc Gustafson
Michael J. Greene
Robert E. Harrington
Michael Hearn
Tate Helms
W. Robinson (Rob) Heroy
Edward Hinson
Steve Hockfield
Katherine Holliday
Jake Jacobson
Charles Johnson
David Jones
Jana Jones
David Kelly
Kate Kovats
Leila Lahbabi
Joshua Lanning
Tony Lathrop
George V. Laughrun II
Paul Lawrence
Louis Lesesne
Alyssa Levine
Maria Long
Harrison Lord
Kathleen Lucchesi
Dana Lumsden
Emily Harp Manoso
DeWitt F. ‘Mac’ McCarley
David McCleary
Valecia McDowell
Pender McElroy
George Miller
Anthony Monaghan
Jimmy Moore
Chuck Morgan
Thomas Morrow
Chiege Kalu Okwara
Austin Olive
C. Melissa Owen
Ray Owens
Annemarie Pantazis
Rhonda Patterson
Richard Peniston
Randel Phillips
LaVenettra Reaves
Andrew Rheingrover
Cassidy Estes-Rogers
Selin & Daniel Roberts
Elizabeth Ryan
Barbara Rynne
Megan Sadler
Jack Santaniello
Steve Sellers
Claire Shapack
Ted Shapack
David Sherman
Rod Sherman
Chris Shumate
Alexandra Smith
Jeremy Smith
Keith Smith
Tim Smith
Stephanie Spaugh
Sarah Motley Stone
Geraldine Sumter
Noell Tin
Nick Tosco
Ryan M. Watson
Richard Wheelahan
S. Frederick Winiker
Susan J. Zach