Safe Communities

Justice You Can Trust

"As District Attorney, I will continue to apply the law with impartiality and without prejudice. I will also find new ways to engage the community in a manner that builds faith and confidence in the criminal justice system."
— Spencer Merriweather, District Attorney

A functional criminal justice system is:

  • An essential instrument to maintaining a safe, vibrant community where all people can prosper.
  • An institution where laws are applied with integrity, equity, and justice.

The District Attorney’s Office must be a source of stability for our county by emphasizing fairness, steadiness, and, above all, commitment to the law.

Today, our criminal justice system faces more challenges than ever before. Violent crime is on the rise, most notably demonstrated by a homicide rate with a disproportionate impact on young men. Mecklenburg County continues to struggle with a drug crisis. Gateways to addiction are just as likely to be found at a local pharmacy as on a street corner. Human trafficking increasingly poses a life-altering risk to our young women. Break-ins of homes, cars, and businesses eat away at our sense of peace and safety.

Furthermore, questions about bias in our justice system erodes trust in its legitimacy. Some community members have raised concerns about how the criminal justice system impacts people of color and the economically disadvantaged. Violent encounters between citizens and law enforcement undermine community relations that are critical for a functional criminal justice system. Frankly, there are many people who believe the criminal justice system does not serve them. And despite the work of many well-intentioned public servants, for many in our community, the courthouse does not engender feelings of trust.      

For our community to advance toward a criminal justice system in which we all can believe, we need leadership that prioritizes stability and integrity. Our system also requires leadership which recognizes the need to evolve and address new complex challenges. This type of leadership is one which demands experience and measure but seeks creative solutions to confront crime in our neighborhoods.

The Plan

Protecting Women & Children

Domestic and sexual violence and child abuse continue to pose serious problems for our community.

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Safe Communities

Reducing illegal gun possession will certainly help us keep some families from losing their loved ones.

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Second Chances

Those who suffer from addiction, whose only crime is drug possession, will be given ample opportunity to receive treatment.

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Community Trust

Civilians and law enforcement must build and maintain a criminal justice system that deserves public confidence and trust.

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