The Umbrella Center

"We believe that everyone deserves a life free of harm and violence."
— Spencer Merriweather, District Attorney

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg District Attorney’s Office has begun the implementation of Phase One of the Family Justice Center. The completed project, known as The Umbrella Center, will serve as one-stop shop to coordinate and deploy a trauma-informed and service-centered community approach to addressing and confronting the domestic and gender-based violence crisis plaguing local families.

Every resident deserves to live a full life of dignity and respect, safely. As your District Attorney, Spencer Merriweather envisions a Family Justice Center that engages not only victims respectfully, but builds and sustains community for victims, survivors, and justice-centered allies. 

Violence-based trauma has no place in our society, and The Umbrella Center will work to break the cycle of violence that destroys individuals and families and derails communities, and provides support for survivors and their families who badly need it.  

The Umbrella Center will advocate for survivors, work to protect their families, and hold offenders accountable to ensure not only justice but healing for survivors. This center will build community through the creation of outreach programming, volunteerism, and purposeful community engagement.

The Department of Justice has recognized Family Justice Centers as a best practice model for domestic violence intervention. The first Family Justice Center opened in San Diego, California in 2002. Since then, more than 130 communities have opened FJCs to better serve our community. Multiple communities in North Carolina have featured successful Family Justice Centers for years.

The Umbrella Center will serve the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community by pulling together a wrap-around team of service providers, including advocates, counselors, social workers, medical professionals, prosecutors, law enforcement, public interest attorneys, law enforcement, and others.

Once fully functioning, The Umbrella Center will be ready to meet crisis needs for victims of stalking, sexual assault, domestic violence, child abduction, child abuse, human trafficking, and elder and dependent abuse.

As your District Attorney, I am committed to Justice You Can Trust, which requires support and advocacy for life-changing measures such as The Umbrella Center

Together, through initiatives like The Umbrella Center  we will strengthen our communities and secure justice and healing for survivors and victims of crime.

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